Heather is Teaching Environmental Advocacy, COMM/ENST 375

Heather is teaching a Summer Session I course on Environmental Advocacy @ UNC.

For more information, see below or click here.

COMM 375-Environmental Advocacy

M-F 1:15-2:45 @ MITCHELL 205

Messages about climate change, energy insecurity, poverty and pollution proliferate with increasing frequency. How are these messages created and disseminated, and how do the publics to which they are addressed give meaning to them? How do debates over the legitimacy of climate change claims alter our ability to respond to such coming events? COMM/ENST 375, Environmental Advocacy, studies the ways in which communicative processes about the environment define issues, attempt to solve problems, and shape communities and worldviews. Through applied and engaged-learning assignments, guest speakers, and discussion, students will have the opportunity to apply diverse environmental perspectives to an issue of local, national, or international import. At the end of this course, students will be better able to analyze, interpret, and respond to messages about the environment.*

*This interdisciplinary class welcomes students and perspectives from all disciplines & departments.

For more information, email hswoods@live.unc.edu or visit: http://goo.gl/2DqtI8

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